If you’re looking for a new denstist’s office look no further. This was hands down the BEST dental experience I have ever had. I needed a significant amount of dental work done and knew it prior to my first cleaning with Blakeney Smile. The staff was so informative, nice, and gave me a straightforward treatment plan for my teeth. They use the newest technology which clearly showed the problems areas of my teeth. I scheduled an appt for the first phase of my treatment plan which included fillings and decay problems on my top four middle teeth. Dr. Seth did my fillings and all I can say is WOW! I am so pleased with the results, my teeth look amazing and she made sure that I was completely comfortable with my bite and with the fillings themselves. She clearly showed me where I will eventually need another crown, but simply did another filling on that tooth giving me the option of postponing the crown and root canal as it wasn’t 100% necessary at this time. My precious dentist I always felt that they were pushing unnecessary costs on me and came away unhappy with the results and even more unhappy with the costs, but with Dr. Seth I felt like she and her staff truly cared about making me happy with my smile without charging an arm and a leg. I am referring all my friends and family to Blakeney Smile after such a fabulous experience here. Thank you again Dr. Seth and the rest of your team at Blakeney Smile!